'Legend' - The Most Fun British Film of 2015

Tom Hardy is one of the most talented actors working. He could have had a cameo in Tommy Wiseau’s The Room and earned an Oscar nomination. I have no doubt of that. So, Legend, where we get a double dose of Hardy is no exception–even if it does fall apart in its third act.

Legend tells the tale of the infamous Kray brothers… selectively. You see, some portions of the film are factually inaccurate. It’s not something I’ll hold against the movie since, well, it is a movie. But it is important to take note of, considering that it’s being passed as a ‘biopic’ of sorts.

For instance, Ronald’s sexuality is altered from bisexual to gay. On paper, it shouldn’t really make much of a difference to the way the story or plot unfolds. But it does. Instead of giving Ronald another (real) dimension, it reduces him to an oddly jealous, insane, incest-longing twin. The ‘Hugo’, if you will, of their twosome.

But I’ll ignore that and simply focus on the story itself. It’s light, it’s fun, and it’s one of the most enjoyable films to come out of the UK in a while. That being said… Legendbecomes quite a mess during its third act. I’ve witnessed fewer sloppier finales than the one found in this film, and it’s a little depressing.

In spite of that, it’s worth a watch–if only for the preceding ninety some odd minutes. Give it a look.


Publication: CLASH Media, January 6th, 2016