More Marvel Boredom with 'Civil War'

All the hype led to a big disappointment in Captain America: Civil War.

What we have here is a popcorn film full of boring spiels, unnecessary fights, irrelevant characters being shoehorned in. It all boils down to the last twenty minutes of the film, which are genuinely great and entertaining and seemingly heartfelt. Unfortunately, the two hours that precede that are not justified in their existence. 

Civil War feels, ironically enough, rushed compared to its opposing counterpart Batman v. Superman. It feels as if this storyline had been budding for a while and was intended to be saved for future use in an Avengers filmed, by Feige and company wanted to outdo Batman v. Superman this year and thus, slapped together this mess of action and unfunny jokes.

Unfortunately, it seems as if these Marvel films (save for Guardians of the Galaxy) are becoming more and more forgettable. Civil War is now added to their canon of unwatchable films.


Publication: August 1, 2016