One of the Worst Films I've Ever Seen

I knew it was going to be bad. I knew it. Jamie Kennedy, while possessing some talent, is way past his prime and hasn’t been funny in about 15 years – and unfortunately this film only continues his streak of unsavory output. The story is a tired, rehashed, half-baked version of Falling Down. Kennedy, while capable of delivering a good performance, ultimately falls short – though not at his own fault. The material, direction, and editing is entirely to blame. I fully believe that Jamie Kennedy has a great performance lying somewhere in him, he just needs to sync up with the right people and let that shine.

The editing on this is horrendous. I occasionally had my worries while editing Practice Makes Perfect – but they were flushed down the toilet the minute I saw this. It’s amazing how a film with a budget of over one million dollars, with a name in the lead, managed to land such a poor editor. What the fuck happened? Why would you gloss over the most important part of any production and hire some schmuck? I’ve seen YouTube videos edited better than this. For example, the lighting in some shots is bad but not beyond repair – and yet despite what would have been an easy fix in color correct, they look terrible. The audio is sketchy and dialogue doesn’t blend well. I was baffled by just how poorly pieced together this movie was. It shocked me. How could a director with 14 credits to his name let this happen?

Avoid it. It’s not ‘fun’ bad, it’s just bad bad. 


Publication: October 20, 2015